CyclePottery Kids’ camps provide a safe, supportive and fun atmosphere for young students to explore their creativity. Small camp sizes ensure students receive individual attention from instructors!

In all sessions campers will learn how to use a potter’s wheel to throw functional stoneware forms and hand build with studio owner/founder Kathryn Kothe, CyclePottery Instructors and ceramic artists Melissa Gilman and Jocelyn Gozdowski.

For the non-beginners, they will learn how to advance to making lids, handles, and spouts for more complicated vessels.

Students should bring a snack and a lunch. We may eat outside and with the permission of the parents, we like to get out of the studio for a walk to a nearby cafe or grassy spot for a snack, lunch, or ice cream cones on nice summer days.

3 Day Camp for ages 6-9:   Tuesday will focus on wheel throwing, Wednesday hand building, and Thursday decorating and finishing their pieces.  After camp we bisque fire, overglaze and glaze fire their pieces, ready about 2-3 weeks later.

5 Day Camps: Monday and Tuesday will focus on wheel throwing. Wednesday and Thursday campers will have handbuilding projects, work on different altering and decorating techniques, and may still work on the wheel. Thursday morning students will learn/help load into the kiln any greenware ready for the bisque fire. Friday we will all unload the bisque fire, wash, wax and glaze pots for the final glaze fire.

NEW for 2020:

7 Day Camp:  Offered early June, one 5 day camp week plus the Monday and Tuesday following for campers to be able to have more time to have focused attention on decorating and glazing their work. 

Teen Camp: For ages 12+ mid August.  2 weeks will allow your teen to truly immerse themselves in the full production cycle of creating pottery they are proud of, with attention to all the tasks required of a potter.  We will have a special day where we will walk to Arts and Industry building to have special tours of other pottery studios to expand their vision and knowledge of what being a potter & ceramic artist looks like.  After these 2 weeks we hope your teen will walk away with a deep understanding of what being a potter truly entails, and that they feel capable of pursuing this path if they dream to do so!

Ascendance Inner World Arts Partnership: This camp is designed with pre-teens in mind who want to explore a variety of art forms during the day. Ascendance has teamed up with CyclePottery for this camp!  Students will start the day exploring a variety of dance styles and will be walking to our studios to work on creative projects each day. The field trips may also include a trip to the ice cream stand! Have fun making memories and new friends this August. Head on over to Ascendance’s website to register!

2020 Summer Camp Sessions:

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8 Students Max in all Camps taught by 2 instructors. Ages 9+ for all, except for Session 2 (ages 6-9) and Teen Session (ages 12+)

3 DAY CAMPS: 9am-3pm, $285   5 DAY CAMPS: 9am-3pm, $425 (10% off the 3 Day Camp Rate)

7 DAY CAMP: 9am-3pm, $570    2 WEEK CAMP: 9am-3pm, $810 (15% off the 3 Day Camp Rate)

Session 1: 7 day camp, June 8th-12th, 15th & 16th; cancelled

Session 2: 3 day camp, Ages 6-9, June 23rd – 25th cancelled

Session 3: 5 day camp, June 29th – July 3rd cancelled

Session 4: 5 day camp, July 6th-10th cancelled

Session 5: 5 day camp, July 20th-24th cancelled

Ascendance Camp: August 3rd-7th undetermined

Teen Session: 2 week camp, Ages 12+: August 10th-14th; 17th-21st FULL, undetermined

UPDATE May 31, 2020: 

It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that I am not able to make the camp sessions in June and July run.  I am hopeful thought that in August the state will have better guidelines, and the studio will be equipped and prepared to host the teen camp.  
After many weeks of research on safe ways to run camps, consulting with other pottery studios and businesses, considering alternative ways to host camp, and many sleepless nights, I really have not come up with a solution that feels first and foremost safe enough but also enjoyable enough for all.  What is most challenging is my limited studio size which is not yet ready for more than 3 people at the moment.  While I considered hosting camp outside under tent, the outdoor space is very limited as well and other factors such as weather make it difficult to have camp under a tent.  Many additional factors also went into this very difficult decision, really tugging on my heart strings.  
Summer camp for me as child was magical, and where I found my love of pottery.  Developing a summer camp over the last 7 years, from 4 campers the first year to over 50 campers with a waitlist with more than half of the campers returning each year, has filled my heart with so much joy.  The love and interest of the campers returning each year is at the heart of why I continue to work so hard to keep CyclePottery available to the community.  Being given the opportunity and privilege to bear witness to camper friendships reuniting year after year, and the physical, emotional and creative growth of your children over the years has been a true honor and a gift to me as well as to the other instructors like Liz & Jocelyn & Melisa, and the working potters in the studio like Andy Quient, Ginger Heafey, Dori Urich, Beth Riemer and Immer Clay.  They too  have enjoyed and marveled at their creations while at the same time they have been inspirational and sometimes instructors to the students. I thank you for trusting me and my instructors to care for your children, to create with them, and to share the vision that they too can become potters one day.
As for campers to be able to attend camp in August, I need to make the indoor space safe to use.  Over the next month I will be making some big changes to the studio, including changes such as as installing plexiglass to make work areas  (worktables & wheels) safe when we can’t be 6 feet apart, air purifier that kills viruses, installing an additional sink in the studio space, etc.  I am looking to be able to make the indoor air space safe for 8 or 9 people max for the foreseeable future with this virus a threat.  
In lieu of no camps in June and July, we may offer At-Home/Virtual Clay camps, which would be for up to 2 hours a day.  You would pick up a clay kit that includes clay, some tools and underglazes, and we would fire and overglaze their work after you drop them off. 
Please fill out this brief interest form for At-Home/Virtual Clay camps
Thanks again for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.  
With gratitude, love and hope,

email with any questions.