Liz Fieldsteel

Liz Fieldsteel took ceramics as a young child and has continuously been drawn back to the pottery wheel at several different times in her life. Since 2010, she succumbed to the calling and made pottery a dominant aspect of her life. Liz’s other passion is teaching, she became a Special Education teacher and later a Visual Arts teacher after graduating from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2007. Liz taught pottery to children and eventually adults at Feet of Clay pottery studio in Brookline Village for several years while she lived in Jamaica Plain. Her current studio, Mudpie Potters, lies in Leverett, MA nestled in the woods. Liz has continued to challenge herself in her work by exploring different methods of firing: gas, raku, and electric. She has always found fulfillment and joy through the production of beautiful art that is functional and can be incorporated into people’s everyday lives. Liz relocated to Northampton in 2015 where she continues to teach and push herself as an artist.